About Emily

Moab 2015 Greg's favs jpg small res-26
I taught “Adventure Travel Writing and Photography” in 2015. The class included an immersion trip to Moab, UT. I’m hiking with a student in Canyonlands National Park in this photo taken by Greg Corio.

Welcome to my digital portfolio website that highlights my work as a journalist and journalism educator. I created this website years ago as an example for a portfolio assignment I gave students in one of my reporting classes, and it continues to serve as a helpful teaching tool.

I am currently a faculty member at West Virginia University’s Reed College of Media where I have taught a variety of courses, from Adventure Travel Writing and Photography to Experimental Journalism. My focus now is on teaching podcasting and  broadcast writing and reporting. I enjoy sharing my passion for journalism with my students and helping them develop their skills and talents.

My journalism work has largely been in public radio. Prior to joining the College of Media, I worked for the PBS and NPR affiliate in West Virginia and continue to file stories as a freelancer.

Follow me on Twitter: @ecorio1

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