About Emily

Moab 2015 Greg's favs jpg small res-26
I taught “Adventure Travel Writing and Photography” in 2015. The class included an immersion trip to Moab, UT. I’m hiking with a student in Canyonlands National Park in this photo taken by Greg Corio.

Welcome to my digital portfolio website that highlights my work as a journalist and journalism educator. I created this website years ago as an example for a portfolio assignment I gave students in one of my reporting classes, and it continues to serve as a helpful teaching tool.

I am currently a faculty member at West Virginia University’s Reed College of Media where I have taught a variety of courses, from Adventure Travel Writing and Photography to Experimental Journalism, but my focus now is on teaching podcasting and  broadcast writing and reporting. I enjoy sharing my passion for journalism with my students and helping them develop their skills and talents.

My journalism work has largely been in public radio. For nearly a decade, I worked for the PBS and NPR affiliate in West Virginia, and I continue to file stories as a freelancer.

Follow me on Twitter: @ecorio1

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