I knew that I wanted to tell stories when I was a teenager.  I had always enjoyed writing short, fictional stories in grade school, middle and high school, but later in high school I discovered journalism.

I can picture the moment in my mind’s eye:  I was sitting at our kitchen table, working on something (probably homework), and NPR was playing on the boombox on the windowsill behind me.  I heard a story that made me stop what I was doing and just listen to it unfold.  Many years later, I still remember how this story made me feel.  I laughed.  I cried.  And I felt like I learned something after hearing that story.  I knew that was an experience I wanted to create for others through my own storytelling.

Below are stories I have produced for NPR:

Foster Care System in West Virginia Struggles To Help Children During The Pandemic

Fish Return To A Mining County River

Halt To Mining Permit Draws Fire In Coal Country

Morgantown, WV, Bucks Unemployment Trend

Veterans Navigate Rapids After War Duty

Tension, Emotion Run High At Mine-Safety Meeting

The Untold History of Mother’s Day

These are a few television stories I reported on for West Virginia Public Television:

WV’s Ice Mountain Losing Its Reserve With Warming Temps

Jessica Lynch Reacts To The Story of Her Rescue

Discovering Thunderstruck Cave

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