Teaching Philosophy

My teaching philosophy is based on four principles: a student-centered classroom, applied practice activities, innovation, and passion for the subject area. The implementation of these principles in my classes means students are encouraged and challenged to practice real-world journalism.

In a student-centered environment, I recognize students as individuals and help them accentuate their strengths while also working with them to overcome where they struggle. Through applied practice activities and assignments, students learn by doing and by reflecting on what worked and what failed. In journalism, and especially in electronic media, innovation in the classroom is essential. This includes updating course content to reflect changes in the industry and creating new classes and special projects that allow students to gain real-world experience and opportunities to experiment with different storytelling methods and formats.

Continuing to practice journalism allows me to see and experience these changes firsthand. My teaching is even more effective when I can relate classroom lessons to my personal experiences practicing journalism.

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